Traditional accommodation in Paxos island

Beaches & Sights of Paxos

Gaios Paxos

Paxos capital: Gaios

The port of Paxos is where you will first arrive. The ‘new port’ is 15 minutes walk from central Gaios, the capital. If you are living centrally it is better to walk there and only take a car if you can take the wider road networks as traffic jam can be bad in such a confined space. Swimming in the port is not recommended due to the boat residues and traffic. The nearest beach is just a short walk away!

East coast

Gaios to Mongonisi

There is a set of small beaches along the coastline as you leave Gaios towards Mongonisi (one of the smaller islets), they have wide smooth rocks to lie on and some scarce shaded bits as well, access to the water might be easier by jumping in. Paxos Beach is also near Gaios and it includes facilities and a restaurant making it great for elderly, children or those you like their comforts.


The nearest beach close to the centre of Gaios and very popular amongst locals. Some may claim it is a therapeutic spring but do not expect the blue lagoon. It is pebbled , smaller pebbles on the outside and bigger in the sea but with accessible strips to the water. Suitable for older people as well as access to the beach is only a short walk and a few steps to the beach, it is also near many cafés restaurants. Like with all Paxos beaches there is no shower or WC or changing facilities. The view while swimming is beautiful, you also get to see all the boats coming in and out of the port just don’t swim too far away from the coast and disrupt the nautical traffic.

giannas beach in gaios paxos


Nowadays accessible also by car and situated at 3 km. south of Gaios, this small islet hosts a man-made sandy beach with shade and shallow waters, suitable for children.

mongonisi islet beach with seats and sand to relax by the sea in paxos

From Mongonisi you can see Kaltsonisi , a smaller private island with a small church. If on a boat take time to admire the crystal clear turquoise waters and interesting sea bottom.


Gaios to Lakka
From Gaios towards Lakka you will find the majority of mainland Paxos beaches most of them accessible by car or foot. Some of the most well known are Kloni Gouli, Kaki Lagada and Kipiadis.

Kloni Gouli
Easy access , pebbled and quite wide with some shade so good for older people, anyone with mobility problems and everybody else too.

kaki lagada gaios paxos beach

Kaki Lagada

Pebbled inside and out, with beautiful open view to the ocean, green surroundings and easy access by car or foot from Gaios.

kaki lagada beach paxos


One of the biggest beaches in the island and very pretty. Accessible via car but have to do the last 5 minutes or so of a somehow steep path on foot. Pebbled outside with a few small shadows from bushes, green all round scenery , deep blue waters , great when windy as well as it is in a protected gulf. That is why it is also suitable for boats or yachts. There are no facilities or restaurants but it is close to Loggos and Fontana for those leaving there or interested in visiting the picturesque villages.

kipiadi beach paxos greek island green blue scenery

One of the three main villages of Paxos. Very pretty, picturesque, serene, with colourful little houses, a small harbour and a few good restaurants and bars quite literally on the water. There is a small pebbled beach near the port where you could swim, the waters are very clean, especially when there’s no water traffic. Urchins are a sign of clean waters so it is a pleasant surprise to see them but very unfortunate if you step on one so be careful or wear special shoes.

Monodendri has clear water , big pebbles , a restaurant and shade. There is also a water sport school there during high season.

Lakka and Charami
Lakka is the other one of the main villages in the island. Definitely worth visiting, probably more touristy than logos but that can be a good thing. You will find lots of shops for clothes, diving supplies, souvenirs or home supplies. There are many restaurants and a few bars and cafés, some of them by the sea. Lakka has a harbour, bigger sized yachts and sails choose to moor there or right outside. If not on a boat, it is not recommended to swim in the area as pollution from sails and restaurants might be in the water. Other than that it is a Paradise like bay, with turquoise waters  and the scenic Paxos surroundings.

paxos lakka beach and bay

West Side

After Lakka and towards the west side of Paxos, there are only few beaches accessible by car. The scenery is wilder, greener, deeper blue with tall cliffs and caves. For a cave tour ask at the old port for local excursions.

arch or kamara in paxos west side sea

Wild looking beach with open view to the ocean, pebbles and rocks. Accessible by car , a dirt road will take you very near to the sea.

paxos west side beach plani

Used to only be only accessible by boat but recently also accessible by foot. Wide, tall, impressive cliffs, clear pebbled sea and small serene beach. The best view of the cliffs is from above during sunset when the orange ambient sunlight slides on the cliff before the sun dips in the sea.

paxos erimitis cliffs by sunset

Erimitis beach-west coast of Paxos

Only accessible by boat for the last few years. You can still see the remains of stairs almost carved on the rocks cliff. Beautiful interconnected caves, take your snorkeling mask with you and be ready to explore. Blue waters pebbles and some flat rocks to sunbathe on.


Magazia must have been quite busy the old times but now there are only a couple of stores and an old fashioned cafe where you can have a drink and relax in the shade

paxos magazia village near loggos


Fontana was also important village for the islands in old times but now it remains traditional with a couple of convenience stores a bakery and two restaurant tavernas. If you leave nearby or on your way back from the beach it is worth making a short stot for lunch and a local ginger beer.

paxos fontana village near logos and lakka

Foklore Museum

At the Folklore Museum, as the name suggests, you will see exhibits relevant to the history and culture of Paxos and evidence of how life went on a century ago in the island. It is in the centre of Gaios, in a pretty building of Ionian architecture, opening times during summer months are 11:00-13:00 and 19:30-22:30 and the ticket costs 3 euro.

gaios waterfront view from the harbour museum and houses

Governor’s House

You will see this impressive old building, on the seafront path from Gaios centre to the new port, and like most visitors, wonder what it is. The building acted as the seat for the foreign government representatives during colonialism era.

governors house in gaios paxos

Sterna Elliniki

This cistern was built by the Venetians to provide fresh water to their ships. Accessible only by foot.

Agyi Apostoloi cistern

Saint Apostoloi cistern is inside Gaios and used to provide water for the whole village. It was build in the early 19th century. You will find it while exploring the heart of the island capital, further away from the sea front.

agii apostoloi cistern in gaios paxos island

Carved cisternes (Sarakinos)

Στέρνες του Σαρακηνού Παξών


Voted as having the worlds’ best beaches. Especially popular for Voutoumi beach and Vrika beach. Visitors enjoy the white sandy beaches in the midst of green scenery and turquoise water with a view to the deep blue canal.

Voutoumi beach, Antipaxos

Voutoumi beach, Antipaxos






White sandy beach in Antipaxos island

Vrika beach, Antipaxos