Traditional accommodation in Paxos island

Getting Around in Paxos

How to get to Paxos

Part of what makes Paxos so scenic and exclusive is probably the fact that it is quite difficult to get there. Do not fret, because even if in the winter connections to the mainland are rare, there is a variety of different ways you can arrive to the island in the summer months.

Fly to Paxos

Paxos from Greece

Ferry to Paxos

 Ferry from Italy

 Sailing to Paxos

Another popular option is chartering a sail boat from the mainland or another island such as Sivota, Lefkada or Corfu and sail your way through the Ionian all the way to Paxos. Ahoy!

How to get around when in Paxos

Well done for arriving in the island! Now the question is how to make the most of it and explore every cran and nookie. Paxos may be a small island but it is certainly worth exploring every inch of it.It is advisable to bring your own car or book one before you arrive in the island and pick it up from the port upon arrival. Some of the prettiest beaches are only accessible from water however, so renting a boat for a daily trip can also prove very exciting and help you discover the secret beauties of all of Paxos islands, including well known Antipaxos.

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