Monolitharo Paxos

Traditional accommodation in Paxos island


Paxos Boats Schedule for summer 2021

paxos island ferry boat schedule

Waiting for the Paxos Ferry Boat Connections...

Please note, due to weather or demand changes, connections to the island of Paxos are often cancelled or altered without any official announcement. Make sure you always call to confirm your itinerary, especially if the weather is windy or your trip is outside the peak period of July-August.

Hydrofoil (Ilida): Paxos to/from Corfu, from 1/8/2021 till 12/9/21

tel. 26610-49800 (Corfu), 26620-32401 (Paxos)


Kamelia Lines: Corfu airport-Lefkimi-Paxos

tel. Paxos:+30-26620 32131, Corfu: +30-26610 40372

Ferry Boat Paxos from/to Igoumenitsa

10/6/21 to 14/7/21 (Kerkyra Seaways)

Igoumenitsa to Paxos: 11:00 daily

Paxos to Igoumenitsa: 14:15  daily

15/7/21 to 8/9/21 (Kerkyra Seaways & Kerkyra Lines)

Igoumenitsa to Paxos: 10:45  & 14:45 daily

Paxos to Igoumenitsa: 14:00  & 18:00  daily

tel. 26650-25540  (Igoumenitsa), 26620-32114 (Paxos) Kerkyra Seaways

tel. 26650-28085 (Igoumenitsa), 26620-32440 (Paxos) Kerkyra Lines

Online bookings and info: &


Sea taxis are a popular option to travel from Corfu to Paxos as there are far more domestic and international flights arriving to Corfu airport than ferries leaving from Corfu to Paxos. Cost will be around 300 euros but it is convenient for larger parties, avoiding overnight stay in Corfu and during peak periods you can find yourself sharing with at least another 5 people which reduces cost dramatically.

Anemoyannis Nikos, mobile: +30 6932 232 072
Fasoulias Lines, mobile: +30 6977 623 033


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